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Transforming the network to support innovation and the future of work

As we transition from business recovery to a new type of workplace post COVID-19, the network will serve as the foundation for remote and in-office workers as well as the services needed to keep people safe and productive. This reimagined workplace–with services like contact tracing and heat mapping—starts with the network you already have.


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The Reimagined Workplace

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The evolution of the digital workplace

New technology trends such as Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, smart building systems and user-owned mobile devices – along with changes in worker preferences, demographics and digitalized work processes – create a new demand for a significantly updated physical workplace. Research predicts that 11.2 billion IoT devices will be in smart buildings by 2021, and 34% of those IoT devices will be installed in commercial general office spaces.1 IT professionals and business managers are now seeking solutions that facilitate a smarter digital workplace, without increasing the complexity or cost of their technology environment.

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Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, calls this new phenomenon the “Smart Digital Workplace.” We believe that by 2020, the smart digital workplace will be the de facto approach to next generation building management, safety, security, and end-user technology for an enterprise, industrial facility, educational institution, or government entity.

Trends and catalysts create new requirements

The growth of the smart digital workplace is being driven by multiple trends, which we believe will intensify because of the benefits delivered and requirements met. These trends include:

Mobile everything

Mobile devices are now ubiquitous. These devices connect to enterprise applications as well as the Internet. New types of connected things are rapidly being adopted, such as connected furniture to personalize workspaces and smart lighting to reduce energy costs. These connected devices, along with IoT sensors and gateways, will require individual endpoint policy orchestration and enforcement verses group endpoint segmentation through routing, VLANs and other common approaches.

IoT avalanche

Gartner forecasts 20.8 billion IoT devices world-wide by 2020. All of these devices must be individually connected, secured, and managed. The network must scale to support the flood of new devices and data, at affordable incremental cost per new device or byte. The demand for lower incremental cost of deployment and operation is the reason why we believe that most newer IoT devices will favor mobile first connections

Cloud everywhere

IT infrastructure is increasingly migrating to the cloud to provide flexibility, efficiency, and simplicity. The migration extends across all layers of the technology stack, from core infrastructure to business apps. The network must support various models of public and private cloud connectivity at all levels. This requires functionality that can flexibly manage devices and connections without complex datacenter-like orchestration

Tighter security requirements

Mandated by ever-growing threat surface and accompanying set of risks. Increased regulations and compliance are key drivers for greater security and control. Sophisticated denial-ofservice attacks can force a company out of business.

A smart foundation for smarter workplaces

Aruba ESP (Edge Services Platform) moves the network beyond the traditional role of connectivity – it now becomes a key component of bringing your employees safely back to the office.

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aruba zero trust security

Aruba Zero Trust Security

Mobility, cloud and IoT require a different design approach to connecting and securing your enterprise, branch, and work from home networks.

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Partnerships to deliver smart workplace experiences

Create a workplace that pairs end user mobility with enterprise IoT to increase efficiency, personalization and productivity.


CXApp brings employees and teams closer together through real-time, campus to campus, and building to building on-site experiences.

Aruba and CXApp have partnered to provide a comprehensive workplace experience solutiion for digital customer experience programs across meetings, events, communities and campus with Meridian.

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Envoy offers an iPad sign-in experience to seamlessly and securely welcome visitors, from guests to package delivery.

Aruba and Envoy have integrated to enable users to seamlessly provision Wi-Fi to office visitors when they sign-in; protecting their network while providing an exceptional experience to their guests.

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Powering amazing spaces, Chargifi enables the scaling of smart wireless charging in forward thinking workplaces. Space usage analytics help space planners get more from their spaces by helping to understand behaviours. Each touch point enables employee interaction with workspaces, which drives data-driven decisions to optimise spaces and workplace experience.

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