Seamlessly power your data – from
edge to cloud – with a cloud experience
for all your apps

HPE Alletra is cloud-native data infrastructure powered by Data Services Cloud Console. They work together to give you a cloud-based operating and consumption experience no matter where your data is stored.

HPE Alletra spans workload-optimised systems to give architectural flexibility without the complexity of traditional storage management and is built for every app; from traditional to new. By mobilising data across clouds, HPE Alletra unleashes the true potential of your hybrid cloud.


Remove the complexity and silos that come with traditional hybrid cloud systems by deploying category-defining, cloud-native, data infrastructure that provides a cloud-like operating and consumption experience wherever data is stored. Stop managing infrastructure and start simply accessing and utilising it, as a service and on-demand.



operational time savings



availability guaranteed



IT resources savings

Faster access to more powerful data

Get the agility of cloud – everywhere

Forget about maintaining, upgrading, and adjusting isolated, complex silos of on-premises, edge, and cloud storage. Through cloud-native management of your whole environment from a single, SaaS-based console, HPE Alletra provides a consistent experience across clouds — as a service and at any scale.

Simplified IT

Run any app – without compromise

From core mission-critical and business-critical programmes to remote edge needs, test/dev, and analytics in the cloud, you can meet any SLA. HPE Alletra creates workload-optimised solutions that are both flexible and simple to use. For your mission-critical applications, enjoy predictable high performance and non-disruptive scale, all backed by 100% availability guarantees.

Faster access to more powerful data

Free your data across hybrid cloud

Unleash the true potential of hybrid cloud with a unified data platform from edge to cloud that delivers consistent data services, unified management, seamless data mobility and effortless backup and recovery. Maximise your innovation with performance, flexibility and scale for every app and mobilise data, wherever it lives, with the best of every cloud.


Get self-managing, self-improving infrastructure,
so all you have to do is focus on innovation.

AI Driven

AI Driven

Using predictive intelligence throughout your apps and infrastructure, you can achieve autonomous operations. HPE Alletra, powered by HPE InfoSight, changes the way you manage resources by removing complexity, changing the support experience, and pushing data from the edge to the cloud.

Explore HPE InfoSight

Built for Cloud

Built for Cloud

Utilise a genuine cloud operating experience that provides the same agility and simplicity for all apps, throughout all application lifecycles and from the edge to the cloud. Deploy resources with zero configuration and auto-discovery right out of the box and manage thousands of systems as simple as one.



Enjoy the benefits of cloud ownership wherever your apps and data are stored. Rather than owning and maintaining infrastructure, use it as a service on demand. HPE Alletra provides cloud-native simplicity and the freedom to consume resources exactly when and where you need them, no matter where your apps and data are stored.

Explore HPE InfoSight


HPE Alletra is designed to make it easy for you to switch to a radically simpler storage experience without any obstacles—an experience that stays simple even as your business grows and your needs evolve

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HPE Alletra 6000 Solution Brief

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HPE Alletra 9000 Solution Brief

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HPE Alletra

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Avoid costly
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Introducing HPE Alletra - data infrastructure for Unified DataOps

Introducing HPE Alletra - data infrastructure for Unified DataOps

HPE Alletra is a portfolio of cloud-native data infrastructure powered by Data Services Cloud Console. Learn about it in this Chalk Talk.

HPE Alletra 6000 Technical Overview

HPE Alletra 6000 Technical Overview

In this Chalk Talk, Calvin Zito gives a technical overview of the HPE Alletra 6000.



What sets the HPE Alletra 9000 apart from other tier-0 data infrastructure? In this Chalk Talk, Calvin Zito covers some of the highlights.

scenario 1

Scenario: customer X isn’t aware of the significant rise in 3PAR support costs

Customer X has a long history of success with their 3PAR infrastructure which makes them hesitant to buy a new platform. Unfortunately, customer X believes that their 3PAR infrastructure can continue to be supported cost efficiently, despite the technology now being surpassed by other platforms.

Discover ways to challenge customer X’s outlook and how Westcoast can assist them in transitioning to a modern HPE platform like Nimble or Primera.

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scenario 2

Scenario: customer X doesn’t have a plan to deal with 3PAR component scarcity

For customer X, there aren’t any benefits to buying a new platform and they intend to maintain their existing 3PAR infrastructure instead. However, as 3PAR ages, components will become increasingly limited in supply and increasing in cost exponentially. Customer X needs to understand the fast-approaching challenges their business is about to face.

Explore ways in which you can address customer X’s outlook and discover how Westcoast can provide a seamless transition to HPE Nimble or Primera.

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scenario 3

Scenario: customer X doesn’t understand EOL procurement issues for 3PAR

Customer X depends on their 3PAR infrastructure to support a huge number of diverse workloads – making them determined to keep their infrastructure unchanged. But, as 3PAR continues to age, future procurement is going to become increasingly difficult for customer X. This means they will miss out on the benefits of the most up-to-date, feature-rich storage platforms with advanced architectures.

Learn how to overcome customer X’s objections and how Westcoast can help them migrate to HPE Nimble or Primera before 3PAR’s age causes significant issues.

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