Digital Transformation

Your customers still expect you to deliver mission-critical projects with lower costs and higher performance.

HPE GreenLake is the perfect way to empower your clients and boost your profits by offering them the flexibility of a public cloud experience with the security, latency and compliance of an on-premise solution.

Introducing HPE GreenLake

The HPE GreenLake platform offers a wide range of cloud services delivered to your customers’ data centers, colocation facility, or edge location. It provides the agility and economics of public cloud with the security and performance of on-premises IT. Combined with HPE GreenLake Central, companies can centralize operations and insights across their entire hybrid IT estate using a single platform.

The HPE GreenLake platform is built on a decade of experience in delivering IT as-a-service for on-premises environments.

Over the years, HPE has developed a unique set of technologies designed to deliver the cloud experience on-premises. In addition, HPE has worked closely with software partners, hyperscalers, and other solution providers to increase the depth and strength of its offerings.

How the HPE GreenLake Platform Works:

Choose your cloud services

1. Choose your cloud services

Select from a wide range of pre-configured cloud services, such as containers, VMs, storage, compute, data protection, or SAP HANA, just to name a few.

Pay only for what you consume

2. Pay only for what you consume

Free up capital and gain financial flexibility for new ventures and business operations with monthly payments based on the infrastructure and cloud services you actually consume.

Scale up and down

3. Scale up and down

Scale with ease with an installed buffer of capacity that is actively monitored, managed, and proactively deployed when needed.

Free up your resources

4. Free up your resources

Rely on expertise from Westcoast Technology Solutions and HPE’s world-class IT Operations Centers to monitor and manage on-premises infrastructure and public clouds.

Building A Business Case for EaaS

Building A Business Case for EaaS

In making the business case for the on-prem cloud services model, there are multiple value propositions or use cases. Here are a few of the most common:

Cost Optimisation: CapEx savings

Cost Optimisation: CapEx savings


GreenLake offers significantly faster time to market among users of on-premises cloud services. The buffered capacity and ability to scale on-demand brings efficiencies in meeting project deadlines.

For example, not having to wait during long IT procurement cycles enables organisations to quickly develop products and applications and launch new projects. The average time to launch is decreased by 75%.

Strategic Work

Strategic Work

By optimizing costs and speeding project delivery, IT organisations can focus on more strategic tasks for the business.

By eliminating the need to manage the hardware piece and the budget piece, more time can be spent on focusing on clients, carving out exactly what they need – without worrying about the transition period of one piece of hardware to the next piece of hardware.

Ultimately, on-premises cloud services mean companies can quickly deploy infrastructure and optimise their data centers – for fast delivery of services.

How Westcoast Technology Solutions can help

How Westcoast Technology Solutions can help

As the tech market continues to rapidly evolve, and as new products and possibilities come to the forefront, it can be a struggle to keep up with what’s current.

That’s where our Technology Solutions Team comes in. If you’re looking to grow your HPE business, they’re here to help. Their outstanding knowledge of HPE, coupled with their willingness to go above and beyond, makes them a valuable part of the Westcoast family, and a vital addition to your team. Let Westcoast Technology Solutions do the heavy lifting of the cloud experience and allow you to focus on the user experience.

Westcoast’s deep partner relationships ensure your IT team can focus on the user experience and not on the heavy lift of the cloud experience.

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