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To Zettabytes And Beyond – The Evolving Role of Tape Storage

VALUE: the role of tape is changing, the value of tape to users is not

TCO ADVANTAGE: Total cost of storing and retrieving is better for long term archiving across extended periods of time

TECHNICAL INNOVATION: Areal density trends give tape a capacity advantage in the zettabyte era compared to the roadmaps for HDDs

SECURITY: Tape offers better protection against ransomware and cyberthreats tanks to the airgap advantage

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Low cost, high-durability HPE tape storage with LTO-8 technology saves you money, delivers faster performance and ensures long-term data availability.

Find a tape storage solution that's right for your business.


Tested to Extremes

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HPE StoreEver tape storage

Proven enterprise tape backup and storage solutions that retain your valuable data for longer and for less, as your business data continues to grow.


Eight winning ways to stack the deck in your favour

Introducing a suite of eight presentations designed to give you the edge when it comes to HPE StoreEver and Storage Supplies sales. Every module deals with a specific part of the HPE StoreEver portfolio, from hardware to media, onto how the right tools can improve your customers business. Turn yourself into the ultimate HPE StoreEver and Storage Supplies expert whilst increasing your sales.

Why Tape Storage is in demand for Data Retention

From cyber-attacks to natural disasters, the threat landscape for data loss is growing. Traditional tape storage continues to be in strong demand as an economical, scalable, and secure storage method to protect and retain your infrequently accessed, yet essential data in the long term.

Address all of your retention and compliance needs with the complete portfolio of HPE tape solutions and services. Protect your data for as little as $0.003 per GB for life, plus gain air-gap protection against ransomware and data corruption. Make HPE StoreEver tape storage even simpler to use and manage with HPE’s unique tape library management software. Create a more efficient HPC environment by automating cold-data placement in your tiered storage system to HPE tape storage solutions using HPE Data Management Framework software.


The 3-2-1 rule

Achieve secure, fast, and simple protection against ransomware attacks

Unlike traditional backup approaches, the HPE solution for countering ransomware threats uniquely centers around HPE StoreOnce Catalyst which integrates with the Veeam Availability Platform and protects backups from unauthorized encryption

3-2-1 rule
tco calculator

The TCO Calculator

Total cost of ownership. Return on investment. These terms are always at the top of any procurement considerations - especially when considering the options for long term data protection. The new online tool enables users to model costs for tape, hyperscale cloud, on-premise JBOD/disk and emerging solutions like Wasabi and provides the results in an attractive online interface and personal downloadable report. To take it for a spin, visit:


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