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The Westcoast College is tailored to our on-the-go HPE partners that require the access to the real-time information, in the office or on the move.

Accessible from your desktop or from your mobile, Westcoast College is your go-to platform for the latest from HPE. With access to articles, training and videos, ensure you are fully equipped to thrive in today’s changing IT landscape. Understand industry and technology trends and transition to a more strategic selling approach.

Earn points as you progress through the Westcoast College, through read articles, videos watched and course accreditations and build your personal profile to win a range of prizes. See how you fair against other companies within the Team Leaderboard feature, where accrued points will contribute to a team total earned by you and your colleagues.

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The technology market is evolving rapidly, creating exciting but complex new opportunities for resellers in areas including hybrid cloud, big data, security, analytics and IoT. At Westcoast, we provide our partners with access to all of the support, training and marketing needed to exploit these opportunities.