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Work from home with secure, always-on connectivity

The office-like experience in the comfort and safety of an employee's home.


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toughest challenges

The toughest challenges IT teams face with a remote workforce

Remote employees with unreliable access and poor security lead to soaring help desk calls.

  • Delivering the in-office experience at home is difficult
  • Applying consistent security controls can be tricky
  • Consumer-grade access points make help desk calls more difficult to resolve
  • New solutions rarely work right out of the box


The Aruba work from home solution in 3 easy steps


Connect with confidence

IT ships an Aruba access point to the employee’s home; the employee plugs it in, downloads a configuration from the cloud, and they’re ready to go.


Connect with confidence

Centrally managed access credentials and Zero Trust Security that maps directly to corporate policies.


Manage from the cloud

Visibility, control and AIOps assisted troubleshooting from anywhere.

establishing calm

Establishing Calm in the face of Chaos

The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in Southwestern Washington included fast-tracking two networking-centric initiatives.


Components of Aruba's remote work solutions

Remote Access Points

Remote Access Points

Aruba access points are automatically configured, so employees just plug them into any existing Internet connection and they’re ready to go.

Aruba ClearPass

Aruba ClearPass

ClearPass looks at each connection, and uses device and user context to simplify the authentication process, while allowing for certificates instead of passwords, rules based on the devices being used, and even the user’s location.

Aruba Central

Aruba Central

By extending an enterprise Aruba network into the home, Aruba Central or Aruba AirWave allow IT admins to look at and monitor Aruba APs for an improved help desk experience.

Aruba VIA

Aruba VIA

When dedicated access points are not an option, Aruba VIA is easy to roll out, and is a cost-effective solution for your workforce—whether connecting on private or public networks.

Aruba ESP

Aruba ESP

Extend the secure, in-office experience to your remote workers with Aruba ESP — you gain AIOps insights, proactive troubleshooting, and the scale of the cloud.

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