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About Aruba UXI

Aruba User Experience Insight (formerly Service Assurance) provides mobile user application assurance and rapid troubleshooting through easy to deploy sensors that continuously perform user-centric application testing. A simple cloud-based dashboard displays actionable network insights that are easy to understand.

remotely troubleshoot wi-fi

Remotely troubleshoot
Wi-Fi & improve user experience.

Aruba User Experience Insight provides user-centric Wi-Fi and application assessments – helping to identify issues before users do.

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The only way to truly understand user experience is TO BE the user. The only way to achieve being a user without actually standing at the location yourself is to let Aruba User Experience Insight do the work for you.

Each sensor continuously runs pre-defined or easily customizable tests on network services and applications over wireless or wired connections. Combined with a simple + deep cloud-based user interface, you can see a real-time view of the networks and applications the way users see it, validate any network changes made and reduce the mean time to identify issues. User Experience Insight is vendor agnostic and can be used as a stand-alone tool but it also adds unique perspective and value combined with the overall Aruba solution of products.

Why talk about the user's experience

What organizations face today

  • Issues today are more transient and harder to replicate (because they may be caused on the wireless side, by other users, interference etc), and (B) more ambiguous, because they might occur anywhere between the user’s device and the application server.
  • WiFi is built into our daily lives. Testing, daily lessons, EMR, Guest Access, just to name a few demand peak performances at all times. The need for simplicity has created a shift to SaaS, or cloud application use cases which in turn have introduced a whole new dependency on the need for visibility of available resources etc.
  • Managing non-actionable trouble tickets is time consuming and frustrates users with back and forth communications. Gathering the right set of data to address the tickets.
  • Identifying if a potential issue is an application issue or a network issue.
  • Baselining and setting expectations around what clients should expect from a performance perspective.
  • MTTI (Mean Time to Innocence)

The impact of NOT managing the User's Experience

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Brand loyalty
  • Inability to troubleshoot random complaints
  • Truck rolls expensive and lack results
  • Employee retention
  • Application usage performance unknown
  • Companies growth/profit
  • Difficult to gauge success before and after network changes

Benefits of Managing the User's Experience

  • Strengthens customer engagement
  • Understand user trends
  • Student achievement
  • Know the truth in a multi-vendor environment
  • Better use of budgets
  • Ability to better manage network projects
  • Proactively set expectations

A simpler way to test Wi-Fi and application performance.

Find issues before users complain. Save the day.

A simpler way to test Wi-Fi and application performance
Aruba value

The Aruba value

Simplicity – The user interface makes it easy to understand the state of the user experience, a happy face is good. The cloud-based architecture provides robustness and scale without worrying about maintenance or upgrades. Also, the purpose-built sensor with an LTE connection is easy to deploy.

Be Proactive – Continuous testing is the best way to determine if the network services are healthy, applications are running and SLAs are being met before issues are reported.

Reduce the mean time to identify issues – When issues are encountered, the sensor will automatically triage the issues to gather the right set of information. It can even collect packet captures and make them available for deep-dive analysis. You can also examine measured time-series information before and after network changes.

Measure experience on wireless and wired independently of each other.

Automatic remote support person – UXI simulates a client sitting in the middle of your network onboarding and using the network 7x24. Reporting back and retaining data for up to 30 days.

Valuable Troubleshooting – Save the trip by using Triage, step by step analysis/packet capture of reported errors for NOC investigation.

Baseline – Reduce or prevent down time by proactively benchmarking, knowing what a good day it.

Confidently Answer – "What is normal network behaviour at my sites?" "What is the experience when using various applications at my sites?" "How many of those "wireless trouble tickets" are really wireless related?" "Is it the network or is it the application or is it the user having issues?"

Understanding end user experience just got easier – whether you're an onsite WLAN expert or not.

Seeing the health of your network from your users' perspective doesn't have to be rocket science. An easy to use dashboard provides you with the information you need when you need it. See examples in the animations below.



Upsell to Aruba's installed base - This product can help provide a reason to reach out to existing customers, increasing retention and recurring revenue.

Enable New sales - Attract green field opportunities using this product as a differentiator.

Other Vendor Accounts - "Trojan Horse" door-opener into non-Aruba controlled accounts or multivendor accounts.

An account about to make big changes in their network – way to measure before and after.

Key Decision Makers

Help Desk/IT Support – Primary User.

Director of Technology/Operations Manager – Primary Economic Influencer.

Systems Architect/Operations Engineer – Network Influencer.

CxO – Chief Experience Officer.

CEO – Needs to grow the business. Needs AI and visibility.

Top 3 issues reported by leadership

  • I need a real-time view of the user experience.
  • I need to objectively determine if my SLAs are being met.
  • I need user-friendly tools to help my team effectively troubleshoot problems, or better yet identify problems before users complain.
user centric approach

A user-centric approach to analytics and assurance.

Gain visibility into what your users are experiencing to proactively identify Wi-Fi and application access issues before they impact the business. Download the data sheet >

Selling into different markets

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Customer Pain

  • Universities compete for students and tuition.
  • Impacts students, staff, guests.
  • On-Campus living 7x24 needs.
  • Students expect Wi-Fi to work everywhere.
  • Many live on campus.
  • Average person has 3 to 5 BYOD devices.
  • Multi campus needs.

UXI Facilitates

  • Test classroom WiFi throughput needs.
  • Eduroam monitoring.
  • Web app testing.
  • Reduce "public shaming"– student retention.
  • Internet2 testing.

Customer Pain

  • State mandated testing – no way to measure capacity.
  • WiFi needs of students, staff, guests.
  • Remote site support.
  • Resource utilization.
  • Federally funded projects bring in.
  • Measure performance THROUGH the network.
  • BYOT (Bring Your Own Tech) visibility.

UXI Facilitates

  • Testing profiles for classroom capacity.
  • Onboarding of networks wireless and wired for all profiles.
  • Web app testing to log into applications.
  • Benchmarking before and after network upgrades/changes.
  • No cable runs needed – easy and affordable to deploy.

Customer Pain

  • Multivendor environment management.
  • Guest connectivity, picture sharing, venue details, app access.
  • Website, captive portal issues during event.
  • Press boxes needs.
  • IT access during event.
  • Wireless ticketing.
  • Venue AI metrics.

UXI Facilitates

  • Identified and resolved improperly configured AP's.
  • Browser based testing confirmed application performance.
  • Testing different user onboarding workflows.
  • Used for truck rolls to remote sites.
  • No cable run facilitated quick resolution id.

MSP Customer Pain

  • Ineffective troubleshooting remote public hotspot locations. Limited staff.
  • Outages threaten revenue; No SLA proof.

Customer Pain

  • Monitoring application performance globally at 80 sites.
  • Not able to prove the wireless network is NOT responsible for bad experience.
  • High CxO visibility internal events.
  • Warehouse environment utilizing legacy equipment, scanners etc.
  • Anecdotal complaints – no back in time.
  • Unable to pinpoint wireless vs wired events.
  • Issues with VoIP, Video Conference and Radius Authentication.
  • Need AI data.
  • Move to SaaS environment.

UXI Facilitates

  • Global visibility of user experience from a single dashboard.
  • Test of internal applications.
  • Mean time to innocence providing details pinpointing issues unrelated to infrastructure.
  • Reduced truck roll.
  • Reduced open tickets (which IT team is measured on).
  • Visibility before, during and after network changes.

Customer Pain

  • Almost immediate truck rolls upon issues.
  • Customers can't access Guest Wi-Fi or SCAN IT app.
  • Need to trend instore app experience across stores is good.
  • Do we know the customer is experiencing a problem?
  • Is the problem Wi-Fi, network, server or Internet related?
  • Can we collect real time remote diagnostics data?
  • Multiple AP providers with acquisitions of stores.
  • Ability for non technical store staff to understand local environment.

UXI Facilitates

  • Vendor neutral visibility at all facilities.
  • Replicate the flow of the application usage across stores and capture response times.
  • Integration alerting with MSP and NOC.
  • Integrate alerting for local team – reduce truck-rolls and confidence for nontechnical staff.
  • Test applications to ensure availability.
  • TELNET testing for legacy scanners support.

Customer Pain

  • Understand general availability & performance of key guest services (Netflix, O365 etc).
  • Measure back office, housekeeping staff.
  • Casino & Retail environment.
  • Captive portal access.
  • Enable internal teams to measure and vet wireless value at locations.
  • Improve hotel wireless scores and social postings.
  • Understand Guest experience and captive portal across international sites.
  • House keeping SSID including a panic button functionality.

UXI Facilitates

  • Access to high profile locations to address client issues.
  • Immediately pinpoint why wireless was slow in lobby area's, allowing them to reallocate budget accordingly.
  • Performance baselines.
  • Quick adoption gives IT the ability to "know" their environment and know what to expect.
  • Chromium based tests, proved to be invaluable.

Customer Pain

  • Proof of meeting guests, vendors and staff SLA.
  • Speed to exceed expectations.
  • Connectivity from Taxi, TSA, Boarding.
  • Application support like Passpoint.
  • Coverage & density during 7x24.
  • Roaming through airport.
  • Support of Airlines, Clubs, Public, Operations.
  • Vendor kiosk support.
  • Public "Best Airport" voting scores.

UXI Facilitates

  • Quick views for contractors, mgmnt, and project leads.
  • Benchmark before upgrading the wireless.
  • Visibility during remodels, and vendor changes.
  • Proof that the networks WAS a problem, captive portal was actually working.
  • Throughput testing for large download at gates and in hangers (FAA requirements).

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