Aruba Central

A cloud-based networking solution with AI-powered insights, workflow automation, and edge-to-cloud security that empowers IT to manage and optimize campus, branch, remote, data center, and IoT networks from one dashboard.


Manage any-sized network from the cloud

Built on a cloud-native, microservices architecture, Aruba Central is an AI-powered solution that simplifies IT operations, improves agility, and reduces costs by unifying management of all network infrastructure.

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Simplify how you provision, configure, and maintain networks by orchestrating all operations from a cloud-native dashboard. Aruba Central is your single point of visibility and control that spans the entire network – from branch to data center, wired and wireless LAN to WAN.


Surface and resolve issues before users ever notice them. AI-powered insights, self-healing workflows, and prescriptive optimization tips help solve problems up to 90% faster, so the network keeps business running at peak levels.


Replace static VLANs and ACLs with intent-based policy automation and orchestration, intuitive access controls, and AI-based discovery and profiling of all connected clients. Gain the core elements of Zero Trust and SASE architectures while ensuring users have fast, secure access no matter how or where they connect.


Deploy Aruba Central as a SaaS application, or select from on-prem or managed service options. Choose from flexible subscription terms and options such as delayed activation and co-termination to address networking requirements within existing budgets and project timelines.


Aruba Central is now an integral part of the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform, giving IT admins a single operating model for network, compute, and storage services across edges, data centers, and public clouds to improve efficiency and keep costs in check.



Ready to connect SMBs with tomorrow's world today

Ready to connect SMBs with tomorrow’s world today?

Aruba Central cloud networking is helping growing businesses in every vertical to realise their ambitions. Find out how in our quick read.


A range of cloud-native services for any-sized network

Built on a cloud-native, microservices architecture, Aruba Central is an AI-powered solution that simplifies IT operations, improves agility, and reduces costs by unifying management of all network infrastructure.

Fast, error-free deployments

Easy setup wizards, zero touch provisioning, and a mobile installer app for fast installs of new devices or sites.

Centralized, GUI-driven workflows

Update device configurations, policies, or firmware in a few clicks, and instantly push changes across the network.

Full-stack AIOps

Preempt issues and continuously optimize networks with automated anomaly detection, dynamic baselines, and peer benchmarks.

Cloud-based authentication

Easily onboard users and clients by quickly uploading allowed MAC addresses and/or by integrating with your cloud identity stores.

Global policy orchestration

Intent-based UI makes it easy to create granular policies at scale, automatically mapping user roles to proper access privileges.

AI-powered client insights

Discover and classify all connected endpoints, including IoT devices, using built-in machine learning and dynamic profiling techniques.

Simplify IoT Operations

Monitor the health of IoT infrastructure and seamlessly deploy new services via an integrated app store.

Webhooks and open APIs

Pull data into leading IT solutions such as Splunk or ServiceNow to automate processes with event-driven actions.

Aruba Central's Cloud-based Management Dashboard

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Automate network configuration and security at global scale

Automate network configuration and security at global scale

Explore the latest in cloud-native management, orchestration, and security capabilities that streamline network operations and enhance protection for users, clients, and IoT devices across wired, wireless, and WAN infrastructure.


Aruba Central's Cloud-based Management Dashboard

Learn about products that complement Aruba Central’s cloud networking capabilities.

Aruba AirWave

Aruba AirWave

  • Powerful on-prem solution that simplifies management of multi-vendor networks
  • Deep visibility into network and application performance
  • Support for contract and location tracing
Aruba User Experience Insight

Aruba User Experience Insight

  • Easy-to-deploy network sensors providing rich insights into user experience
  • Test and monitor apps across wired, wireless, WAN, and cloud
  • Exceed SLAs with AI-powered insights
Aruba Client Insights

Aruba Client Insights

  • Discover and profile all devices on the network, including IoT
  • Classify unknown devices with machine learning
  • Combine with ClearPass Policy Manager automated policy enforcement
EdgeConnect SD-Branch

EdgeConnect SD-Branch

  • Unify management of Aruba LAN and WAN infrastructure
  • Boost performance of critical apps, including SaaS
  • Gain advanced threat defense capabilities such as IDS/IPS