Westcoast Ignite: Accelerating Innovation in a Hybrid IT world

12 Accelerating innovation in a Hybrid IT world READ HOW ENTERPRISES ARE SEEING THE VALUE OF THIS APPROACH IN THE CASE STUDIES ABOVE. THESE EXAMPLES SHOW THAT AS YOU DEFINE YOUR RIGHT MIX OF HYBRID IT WITH SPEED AND FLEXIBILITY IN MIND, YOU DRIVE VALUE. HPE WOULD LIKE TO HELP YOU DEFINE YOUR RIGHT MIX OF HYBRID IT. HPE Pointnext’s 360 degree approach looks to modernise IT and accelerate innovation. The (patent pending) HPE unified transformation framework spans seven major domains of IT transformation (one is technical infrastructure and architecture; the rest are operational domains such as IT management framework, finance, processes, and culture and staff). HPE employs the unified transformation framework to define where organisations have gaps against their goals, and then apply best practices to bridge gaps. The result is an accelerated path to your optimal Hybrid IT operating model. 360° view across the cost model, platforms, process and people unifies IT and the business CASE STUDY 1 OTTO GROUP PROVISIONS IT SERVICES FASTER CASE STUDY 2 TRUSTPOWER INVESTS MORE RESOURCES IN NEW SERVICES CASE STUDY 3 AUTO MANUFACTURER ACCELERATES CONNECTED CAR EXPERIENCES