The computing infrastructure you create for your customers has to be reliable, available, and flexible. 


Failing to meet these three fundamental requirements will result in unhappy staff, poor service delivery and damage to their brand – with a consequential loss of customers.  And nowhere is this more important than how you provide support.

HPE Support Services provide hardware and software care that you can be confident will look after your customers – and help you retain their loyalty.

HP Support is far more than just a warranty, which offer little more than a service to fix issues after they occur; with HP, your customers can enjoy proactive help that identifies problems and resolves them – before they cause expensive downtime.

Think IT support services will break your customer’s budget? Think again.


Chances are that you’ll spend more per day on a morning cup of coffee than on HPE Support Services.

Are your customers adequately covered under warranty? Warranty is a limited offering only providing:

  • Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm only (No weekend or Bank Holiday cover)
  • Next business day response – Reasonable endeavours
  • No software support
  • Selected options are not covered by server warranty i.e. SATA ATA PATA drives (1 year warranty)
  • If a fault occurs on Friday morning, it may be Monday afternoon before an engineer goes to the site

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HPE Foundation Care

Designed to meet budget requirements, Foundation Care provides support for your customer’; HP EG servers, storage and networking products, as well as third-party software for the leading x86 operating systems. HP experts can help diagnose problems, access firmware, or provide software updates and replacement parts.

Download: HP Foundation Care Brochure


HPE Proactive Care

Flexible and cost-effective, HP Proactive Care combines support with smart technology, to boost your customers’ business performance. HP experts will provide a hands-on approach, providing consultation, recommendations, and reporting to prevent issues and quickly resolve problems.



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pdf-iconHPE Proactive Care Service: personalised, proactive and simplified


pdf-iconDrive business growth and innovation


pdf-iconGet the most from your HPE IT investment


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FY16 EMEA Partner Ready Services


HPE Customer Asset Program (CAP)

The HP Customer Asset Program (CAP) enables you to grow your TS services business from your Installed-Base accounts. The HP CAP Report provides a blueprint of the customer’s IT assets and support coverage, enabling you to identify and address service gaps, which represent business risk for your customer. The HP CAP Report also allows you to optimize your customers’ support experience and services renewal cycles

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HPE Post Warranty Services

HP Post Warranty Services is a simple yet excellent way to improve your revenues from your existing customer base.  You could provide a value add service in advising on legacy equipment and the most cost effective option – support, leave or replace.

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HPE Education Support Services

Help your customers get trained, efficient technical staff – without the potentially high upfront costs – with HPE Education Support Services

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Looking for a support quote?

Getting a quote for your customers is a straightforward process. You need to gather the following details and send to the relevant address:

UK partners

Ireland Partners

  • Reseller name:
  • Reseller Contact:
  • The start date the end user wants if they purchase the quote:
  • The end date:
  • The level of support they want:
  • End User name:
  • End User Contact:
  • Serial Number for each piece of hardware they want us to quote for:
  • Part number for each piece of hardware they want us to quote for:
  • Software License keys where applicable


pdf-icon  Download: HP Proactive Care Brochure

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Understand what separates Foundation and Proactive Care and which will best fit your customers’ needs

pdf-icon  Warranty vs. Foundation Care – The Differences

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Got customers with a variety of vendor solutions installed?  Use HP Multi-Vendor Support to provide simple, effective services that keep your customers working